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HumaniTea is an herbal bath soak aiding in stress, inflammation and tension recovery. Each soak comes in teabag form, meant to help you #SteepInLove. Lynsey hopes to make your experience as restorative as possible, that is why together we have included multiple interactive meditations, breathing exercises and intention practices through the scannable QR code on the instructions. Our expert herbalists have formulated four different blends of hand-selected flowers, roots, and herbs and combined them with hemp flower each with a specified healing intention.

5 Soaks containing 25mg Hemp Flower 🌸 and $9.80 each. Treat yourself today. #SteepInLove

Like all Blue Harvest products, it is produced to the highest standards from the finest ingredients available.

The Blue Harvest Guarantee – If you are not satisfied, return your product within 45 days for a refund. No questions asked.

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Meet Lynsey Dyer, professional skier and all-around force to be reckoned with. Her litany of accomplishments range from winning every big mountain competition she’s entered, to being named Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times. Her prowess in the mountains has led her around the world, skiing six different continents, subsequently inspiring skiers around the world. Alongside her successful decade-long career, Lynsey has starred in multiple films as well as produced the first and only, all-female ski film, Pretty Faces, being named the most successful fundraising campaign for an action sports film on Kickstarter.  She is a strong voice for aspiring female athletes and women in business. Check out her latest passion project, Unicorn Picnic: a mixed multimedia production company with the goal to inspire you to step UP, show UP and play outside…

On top of being a world-class athlete, entrepreneur, and creator, Lynsey has dove into a mission far greater than summiting mountains 🏔.  She is bringing her world-class recovery routine directly to your home.

For 9 months, the Blue Harvest Team has worked alongside Lynsey customizing a product development process formulating a solution to the recovery issues she faces as a high-performance athlete. After understanding the holistic view of what Lynsey experiences as a professional athlete, we dove into research, consulting medical professionals, and integrative practitioners.  We worked together to bring to life what was, at the time, just an idea. Sustainability, carbon footprint, and recyclability were all top priorities when hand-selecting packaging and raw materials.  It has been an incredible experience working hand in hand with a renown athlete and outspoken role model and we are now ready to release her magic potion into the world. 

#BE[YOU]NICORN  #SpreadPositiviTEA   #RecoverLikeAPro



Consider this your ✨ magic potion ✨ for recovery

Recover⚡faster⚡ from adventuring by taking a dip in HumaniTea. Created, tested, and perfected by professional
freerider and big mountain skier, Lynsey Dyer, for recovery and relaxation after a long day in the mountains⛷

1: Drink a glass of water to stay hydrated 💧
2: Pour this mixture of specifically formulated herbs and salts into your HumaniTea bag
3: Draw a bath at the desired temperature 🛁
4: Moderate soak: steep HumaniTea directly in the tub
Enhanced soak: steep HumaniTea in a boiling cup of water for a minimum of 3 minutes, then pour into the tub
5: Get into the bath and soak for up to 30 minutes 🛀
6: Relax as best you know how 🔮😊
7: Before getting out, make sure to rinse off in the shower as salts can dry out the skin if left on
8: Towel dry and moisturize to hydrate your skin (see Lynsey’s supplementary essential oils for full aromatherapy experience)🌿
9: After the bath drains, wipe the tub where the water level was with a cloth or paper towel to help keep your tub clean ✨
10: Take a deep breath, and recognize this act of self-love, and spread positiviTEA ☮🦄

Each bath is approximately one-half cup of the herb/salt mix. As tubs differ in size, so will individual experiences. For multiple baths in a week, make the water warm, not hot. Constant soaks in hot water will dry out the skin. The ultimate goal is to pull toxins out while retaining moisture.

Interactive Exercises 




Herbal Blends

Pain: Muscle, Bone, Tissue
White Willow Bark
Hemp Flower

Coming Soon:

Healer/Open Wounds
Moringa Leaf
Hemp Flower 

Foot Soak
Pau d’Arco
Hemp Flower

Hemp Free: for expecting mothers & children
Lemon Balm


Curious why we chose Black Cohosh or Marshmallow plant? Or why we chose isolate-based over full-spectrum? Get answers to these and other CBD questions on our CBD Education page.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

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